Phoenix Police Officer Michael Greenfield Beats up Mike and Sgt. Robert Sparks Covers up the Crime!

  I think I ran a red light at 7th Street and Northern in Phoenix to start this incident. Well I didnít really run the red light. There was some idiot who didnít pull out far enough in front of me at the light. And so when the light turned red the idiot got thru, and I followed the idiot, so technically I ran the light. So it was a legal stop by the cops. It was also just before I went to Japan.

I ended up stopping near Butler Road and 7th Street. There were two Phoenix cops in the squad car. After they wrote me the ticket they asked me if they could search my truck. I told them yes they could search the truck if they had a search warrant, but otherwise they could not search my truck.

This was the first time I had ever exercised my 4th Amendment right and told the police they could not search me. I found out what happens when you tell the police that you think you have constitutional rights. The police tell you that you donít have any rights and that you will do what the police order you to do.

I donít remember exactly what happened because it was so long ago. But one of the cops, who I think is named Michael Greenfield told me that he was going to give me an attitude adjustment and took my arm and violently yanked it behind my back causing me a lot of pain.

At the time I though Officer Greenfieldís partner who witnessed the incident would snitch on him. I was very naive at the time and actually trusted the police and though that most of them were honest. How stupid I was.

Crooked police officer Greenfield then ordered me to search my truck for him and I remember him making me open up everything in my truck from the glove box to behind the seats and forcing me to remove the contents, so that Officer Greenfield could see that I didnít have any illegal contraband.

At the time I was also naÔve enough to think that I could file a complaint with the police and that they would honestly process it and punish the bad cop. This is when I met Sergeant Robert Sparks, or was that Sergeant Bob Sparks. How wrong was I on that!

Any how I called the Phoenix Police and Sgt. Robert Sparks, or was that Sgt. Bob Sparks was the boss of Officer Greenfield the crooked police officer who had just roughed me up. And Sgt. Robert Sparks, or Sgt. Bob Sparks was also the guy who was going to handle my complaint.

I though this was rather unfair. How can the boss of a cop fairly investigate the illegal conduct of a cop he works with ever day, eight hours a day, 5 days a week, and 50 or so weeks a year? Really in my mind it canít be done. But at the time I was dumb and actually though the police would investigate their crimes. How wrong was I on that.

I though Sgt. Robert Sparks who now in 2006 is Lieutenant Robert Sparks, had a very serious attitude problem in his investigation of the crime of his police officer. I called Robert Sparks a number of times on this issue and he just didnít seem to care about my complaint.

Finally Sgt. Bob Sparks showed me that the police are corrupt. In a phone call he told me that if I didnít stop calling him he would have me arrested. I was shocked. In addition to him covering up the crooked cop that worked for him he was now threatening to arrest me if I complained about it.

That taught me another thing. When ever you make phone calls to the police you must tape record them? I was very angry that I didnít have a recorder to record the threat this cop made against me. That is when I bought a Radio Shack tape recorder to record all the calls that I make when I am on the phone.

I was pretty angry about the police cover up of me being beaten up by a cop and the police doing nothing. A guy I worked with who is an ex-reserve Phoenix cop said I should volunteer to take a lie detector test. I had taken a lie detector test before and passed it with flying colors so I though it would be a good idea. I was wrong on that.

My first mistake was allowing the Phoenix Police to give me the lie detector test. They had a vested interest and would want me to fail the test. I should have had a third party give me the test, not the Phoenix police. But stupidly I allowed the Phoenix Police to give me the test. Despite the fact that I told the truth the Phoenix cop who gave it to me said I flunked it with a big ďFĒ.

Considering the first lie detector test which I passed with flying colors I think the cop who gave it to me was lying to protect his fellow cop.

Really I should have said my first mistake was to assume the police would investigate a crime commuted by one of their fellow cops honestly.

I have learned from that mistake. In all the other times I have my civil rights violated by crooked cops I donít even waste my time complaining to the police. They will do nothing except protect their own. They are corrupt to the core.

I am sure there are one or two honest cops. Once I was treated fairly in another incident. But for the most part 99 percent of the cops are dishonest and cover up for cops who commit crimes.

In that other incident I was stopped by a cop with out probable cause. The initial cop I talked to actually did help me locate the crooked cop who stopped me. But once I found cop who illegally stopped me his boss quickly covered up for me.

My co-worker Jim Forsberg who was a reserve cop told me that it was probably a training case when I was illegally stopped. In this old cop with a rookie cop stops a suspicious car. The suspicious car was me a long haired hippie driving a VW.

The rookie cop runs the suspicious character and goes thru all the motions. If they are lucky the find out the suspicious guy has a warrant out for him and they arrest him. If they are not lucky they just waste the suspicious guys time, while training the rookie cop.

In this case the cops told me that the probable cause they had to stop me was that the year tag on my license plate was pasted on the wrong corner of the license plate. Well they figured I would believe them. But I looked up the law and there is no such law. In the ARS statute it just says that you have to attach the year tag somewhere on the license plate. The law does not specify any specific corner.

When I did locate this pair of cops I found out that indeed it was a training mission that night.

When I raised the issued that I was stopped with out probable cause the cops boss quickly lied and told me that I had mud on my tag and it was covered up and he could not read it. Lying bastard!!!

I guess the bottom line is the police are corrupt. You may think that I am a crackpot by saying that. Or that this is just an isolated incident that will never happened again. But just wait till you accidentally get in the sights of a crooked cop and he violated your civil right. You will find out it is not an isolated incident. Any you will find that if you complain you will get nowhere.

And my co-worker, Jim Forsberg, the ex-cop. Last time I dealt with him the bastard ripped me off for $100. I am not the only person who he has ripped off. He ripped off another co-worker at Honeywell for around $1,000 with the same scheme.

Jim Forsberg tells people that he buys and sells cars. He tells you that if you give him money to help him buy cars he will give you a cut of the profits when he sells the car.

Hey I did that when I went to college and I made a lot of money doing it.

I gave Jim Forsberg the ex-cop a $100 to buy a car and resell it.

Mr. Jim Forsberg bought the car and resold it at a profit. The only problems is Jim Forsberg keep the front money I gave him in addition to not giving me a share of the profit.

Jim ripped off another co-worker at Honeywell who I think is named Chuck Howe for over a $1,000 for the same scheme.

Cops, or police officers. You canít trust them.