Framed by the Arizona DPS, Fired by the Arizona Attorney Generalís Office

  Many years ago I was framed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety which is the Arizona State Police for sales of LSD. I knew I was innocent and at the time I was naive enough to believe that the police would not frame someone so I assumed that it was a case of mistaken identity. The DPS said that I sold them 3 hits of LSD at Papago Park on Feb. Then I was arrested many months later in a statewide drug arrest.

I think they accused me of selling them the 3 hits of LSD on Feb 7 or Feb 14. I think I was three months later in May.

I have never sold drugs on the street, so for that reason I had to be not guilty. Nor have I have never sold LSD in the state of Arizona so again for that reason I knew I was not guilty.

I always assumed it was a case of mistaken identity and the narcs identified someone else as me. At the time I though one of those people may have been Scott Howl, another guy who I can remember his name, and a third person who went to Camelback High School who looked like me.

Even though I was innocent I assume that if I had ever gone to trial I would have been unjustly convicted because it boiled down to the copís word against mine.

At one of my first court hearings the narcs failed to show up because they said they were called to testify at a trial in Yuma. Because of this they agreed to drop the charges if I left the state.

I went to California and lived there for a year on the streets. I mainly lived in Orange County which is part of the greater Los Angeles area. The cities of Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Garden Grove, Anaheim, Fullerton, La Habra, Brea, and Santa Ana were my homes.

I came back to Arizona to go to college. I was going to go on one of programs where you drive around with the cops and that is when I got arrested again. They lied to me and they had put out a warrant out for my arrest even though they said that it was OK for me to move to California. And those so called ďdrive aroundĒ programs are just excuses for the police to run warrant checks on people who want to drive around and bust them.

When I went to court the second time the cops said they had lost all the evidence and all the charges were dropped.

Anyhow 10 years later I find out I had been framed from the Arizona Attorney Generals Office by my boss Dr. James Johnson who moved there from his job as a teacher at ASU and running the computer end of the House Task Force on Organized crime, which I was the one and only computer programmer who worked for it.

We were the computer end of the Arizona House Task Force on Organized Crime and we used ASU as a front. We used the Univac 1110/42 computer to do all our work. It was my first job as a computer programmer. I started as an ASU student. I wrote all the programs mostly FORTRAN V which is a Univac version of the FORTRAN IV programming language. I also wrote a number of programs in COBOL and Univac 1100 assembly language.

The Arizona House Task Force on Organized Crime reported to the Arizona House of Representatives and got its money from them too. My boss got the job or contract from when he was a professor at ASU and worked in the get money for research that is typical in universities.

When our jobs were ended we were acquired by the Arizona DPS and the Arizona Attorney Generals Office.

My boss Dr. James Johnson went to work for the Arizona Attorney Generals office as their head of computer operations. The DPS was supposed to take all the data we had collected as the House Task Force on Organized Crime and load it into their computers. But they didnít. They just took the money and threw the data away. I was now learning how strangely government works.

My boss was dumb enough to tell them that I had been busted for drugs, and naively said that I was not convicted. Of course they told him to fire me.

Since I was the brains of the whole operation. Or maybe it should be said that I designed the who computer system and I was the only person who knew how it worked my boss wanted to keep me. So my boss, Dr. Jim Johnson did the best he could to try to get the police to let him keep me as his computer programmer.

He knew I was innocent of the crime so the first thing he asked was that I be allowed to take a lie detector test to prove I was innocent. I did and I passed the lie detector test with flying colors. But the test was rigged and it didnít matter that I passed it the DPS was going to use the test to keep me from being hired and they did. The moral of this story is if you ever have to take a lie detector test have a THIRD party who is not involved or interested give it to you. This made me real confident in lie detector tests and later on in life I took another one and failed it even though I was telling the truth. Of course that test was rigged to bet that is a different story.

My boss next searched down the narcs that had me arrested. They were still working with the DPS and since he was working with the Attorney Generals Office they considered him their friend and not an enemy. This is when things get shocking. They told him straight out that they framed me because they knew I was dealing dope.

Very interesting. Here in America police officer consider it acceptable to frame people who they consider criminals.

Arizona Assistant Attorney General Steve Twist With that in mind my boss talked to Steve Twist who was his boss and asked them to keep me. Steve Twist at the time was the Assistant Attorney General of Arizona, which is the number two in command.

You would figure that Steve Twist as the Assistant Attorney General of Arizona would want to undo this injustice of me being framed and fired, but he didnít. He told Jim Johnson to fire me like all the other people below him. I guess having a fine working relationship with the police at the DPS was more important to Steve Twist then correcting the injustice of crooked cops framing someone for dealing dope.

Arizona Attorney General Robert Corbin Dr. James Johnson continued to walk up the ladder in an attempt to keep me as an employee. His next stop was Bob Corbin, who at the time was the Attorney General of Arizona. In Arizona the Attorney General is an elected official. My boss explained to Attorney General Robert Corbin how I have been arrested and not convicted, and that on top of that as a result of his investigation he found out that two cops at the DPS had framed me and asked Arizonaís Attorney General to let me keep my job. Again the request fell on deaf ears. Bob Corbin refused and told him to fire me.

There were two good out comes of this terrible tragedy. First I would get a much better job then I would have ever had if I continued to work for the State of Arizona at the Attorney Generals Office. I was making around twice what I would have made if I continued to work for the AGís office.

Second I learned the system was corrupt and that the police do lie and frame people. And in fact I was one of the people the police had lied and framed. But still it would take me a number of years to realize that the system is corrupt to the core! I was still very naÔve at the time, even though I had just found out that I had been framed by the police.

Last letís give Dr. Jim Johnson some credit for installing those Wang computers at the AGís Office. Me and John Hoberg told JJ to buy a Prime Computer for the AGís office. Thatís probably because at the time were both writing FORTRAN code on Prime computers and at the time Prime computers were really cost efficient computer that had a lot of power. JJ instead bought Wang Computers for the AGís office which had some really slick features for word processing which allowed the AGís office to do all kinds of slick word processing stuff.

You have to remember this was before the IBM PC was invented and everybody had a copy of WORD or WORD PERFECT on their desk. Back in those days the only thing around were mainframe or minicomputers. And WANG was the best on the market back then for word processing.

Of course the IBM PC came out and I think it caused Wang to go bankrupt because why buy an expensive WANG mini-computer when you can buy a PC for $10,000 and it will run circles around an expensive WANG mini-computer. Yes I know that NOW you can buy a PC for under $500 that will run circles around the mainframe computers that we used in those days.

JJ ended up being fired by the Attorney Generals office. They didnít like him so they had some consultants come in and do a study which they used to fire him. Of course it didnít matter what JJ was doing or if he was doing it right they didnít like him and he would have been fired. I think he ended up resigning. To be honest JJ is a pretty smart dude, although when it comes to computers I think he will say I am a much smarter dude.

JJ ended up becoming a millionaire in the end. Jim Johnson came from Hillsboro Oregon and grew up on a farm his parents owned. JJ decided it would be best to sell the farm and cash in. He did a lot of marketing trying to sell it and found a firm called Intel to buy it. The Intel semiconductor plant in Hillsboro Oregon sits on the farm Jim Johnsons parents owned. JJ and his family became millionaires out of the deal. JJ ended up buying a yacht and traveling around the world.

JJ later got me a job as a consultant at DES. That was a lot of fun. I wrote a whole bunch of code in IBM assembly language which created a whole bunch of word processing functions using the ISPF Dialog manager programming language.

JJ unjustly got fired from that job too. He did something to piss off one of the ďrealĒ employees and they fired him because JJ was a contractor.

I was surprised because there I met up with Bob Buce again. He got hired as the manager of the whole programming department. I though I got along with Bob Buce rather well because he is a good techie. I worked with him when he worked for Univac and he was an expert on the Univac 90 Series Computer. I also worked with him at the Arizona Department of Revenue which is probably the worst place I have ever worked at in my life. DOR sucks.

I ended up being unjustly fired from DES. I was moved to the systems programming staff and the manager Tom Teste hates me. He instantly fired me. But Bob Buce fixed things up and hired me back. I was working for DRI when I got fired. When I got hired back I worked for AGCS and I went from making around $20 an hour to $27 an hour. In the end all the contractors at DES got fired. But it was my first real consulting job and I prefer consulting to real full time jobs.

Tom Teste got fired too. It turns out he was doing some illegal things on the computer. They were altering the log files or something. A few years after I heard the rumors I met the guy who discovered the fraud and he told me the whole story. Tom Teste didnít get fired, but he was forced to resign. Guess where he went? DPS! Yep a systems programmer who was accused of fraud on the DES computers is now a systems programmer at the agency which are the State police for Arizona, the Arizona DPS.

I think I got JJ a job with the Arizona Corporation Commission or some other state agency where he worked on a contract I had with the State of Arizona to sell them programmers.

The last time talked to JJ was just prior to when he snitched on me in 1995. I did see him on Mill Avenue in Tempe in 2005 or 2006 but I refused to talk to him. I donít like snitches.