Had my civil right violated on my way to the Cheetah Topless bar

  This is the second time I was stopped by the police and I knew they were illegally violating my civil rights.

In this incident I was driving to the Cheetah Topless Bar on 7th Street and Indian School and just before I got there two cops pulled me over.

I was surprised I was pulled over because I was not driving illegally. And my VW was in perfect working order and had all the lights and signals working. Of course after working with Officer Forsberg at Sperry Flights Systems I knew they needed probable cause to stop me. So I asked them ďwhat is your probable cause for stopping me?Ē

One cop told me which I thought was a lame ass excuse that the year sticker on my license plate was in the incorrect corner of the license plate. I didnít believe him but I didnít have anything to prove him wrong then.

The old cop just sat back and watched everything. While the young cop ran my drivers license and license plates thru the computer looking for warrants for my arrest and verifying that my car was not stolen, and that all my papers were in order.

The next day at work I told Jim Forsberg that I though I had been illegally stopped and ran the incident by him. He said he thought it was a training mission. The old cop was training the young rookie cop. He figured they were illegally stopping any car that looked suspicious. And I matched that I was a long haired hippie driving a VW. He said they do that all the time out of the Union Hills station. But he didnít think the area I was in was part of the Union Hills precinct.

Jim also though I was illegally stopped. But he didnít know the exact law on the placement of tags on license plates.

I ended up talking to several cops and they all said there was no law requiring you to put the year tag in specific corner of your license plate. Finally I got one of those books the cops have which contain all the laws and looked it up my self. Sure enough there was no law requiring you to put the year tag in any specific corner of the license plate.

Just for fun I decided to complain about the incident and track it down. I filed a complaint with the Squaw Peak Phoenix Police Station. The cop said he could not help me locate the cop that stopped me.

I told him there was almost certainly a log of the stop in the NCIC computer systems when the cop ran my drivers license and car license plate to check me out. He seemed surprised and told me he would try to get the names of the cops that stopped me that was.

In a few weeks or so the cop got back to me and he tracked down the cops who had illegally stopped me. Jim Forsberg was right. They were with the Union Hills Precinct Station even though I was stopped outside their precinct.

When I complained to the cops at the Union Hills Precinct Station bingo again for Jim. The cops were on a training mission and it was a old cop training a young rookie cop.

When I raised the issued that I was stopped with out probable because the cop told me I was stopped for a law that doesnít exist.

The cops boss quickly lied and told me that I had mud on my tag and it was covered up and he could not read it. Lying bastard!!!

This would not be the last time I was illegally stopped by the police with out probable cause. There would be many more times. It seems like the police routinely illegally stop anybody they consider suspicious so they can run them thru their computers looking for arrest warrants