Im screwed. They lost $1,000

Current Balance$4,340.31
Plus what I took out$100.00
Total I had at start$4,440.31

But I should have


Im missing $682.15!!!!


My last balance was $5,802.46


My last deposit was $1,564.40

And the balance was $5,802.46

Did this deposit of $623.37 bounce?

The balance on my Next statement should be $5,888.93

And it is $5,888.93 less the $300 ($5589.91)I took out!
But there is a hold on $ 623.37 which is the amount of my last deposit
And that lowers the amount to $4,966.54

Verify the next time I take money out that the $623.37 did not bounce.

Looks like Richard's check bounced. The new balance should have been
But instead it is $5,458.72 which is
The numbers are off by a few pennies but either way I am missing about $623.37 which means Richards check bounced.

Now I removed another $300 to use this week so the new balnce is $5,458.72 when it should be $6,089.09 if Richards check had not bounced.

Honest the ATM ate my card!