Washington D.C. - The Police State Capital of the USA

  I flew to Washington D.C. from Phoenix. Then I flew to New York City and I went back to Phoenix from there.

Washington D.C. is the biggest police state I have ever been to. Many years ago the public was allowed into all the government building. But now to protect the government from the people the government is allegedly supposed to serve all the building are petty much off limits to the public and there are tons of armed guards with machine guns to protect the government rulers from the public. It is a sad state. Hell I needed to go to the bathroom and the folks at the IRS would not even let me in to use the restroom.

When I walked thru the city at night on many intersections they would park a cop car in the intersection and a few cops would hang out there looking for criminals. It even looks like a police state.

The Second Amendment is null and void in Washington D.C. normal people are not allowed to own or carry guns. The only people with guns in Washington D.C. are government goons. Well criminals have guns too. But law abiding citizens are not allowed to have guns to protect themselves from criminals.

When I was there I also took the subway, light rail, or what ever it is called and went to the states of Virginia and Maryland so I could say I had been to those states.

I could not find any Indian communities where I could get hot spicy Indian food like you can in Little India in Los Angeles or Chicago.

I was also amazed that the government buildings, buses and subways don’t have any signs in Spanish.

I checked out the Pentagon, and most of the building on the Capital Mall. Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Wall, White House, Congress, FBI, IRS and so on.

I saw “Waco the rules of engagement” when I was in D.C. It is a pretty good movie.

I was there on the Fourth of July. They have an annual pot smoke out in front of the Rose Garden at the White House. That is a pretty interesting site. Everybody sits down in front of the White House and smokes pot. No I didn’t smoke any pot.

I did buy a cool shirt with a pot leaf that says something about loving my country and fearing my government.