The State of Arizona says I have some unclaimed property

If they do either they or someone else stole it from me

  The state of Arizona says that I have some unclaimed property in 2004. I think the ad or booklet was run in a 2005 edition of the Arizona Republic.

First here is where you can get a bunch of unclaimed property tax forms from the Arizona Department of Revenue. Here is the specific form 600 that I filled out today for unclaimed property and sent into the Arizona Department of Revenue. I don't know if I have any abandonded property but here is the form for abandonded property.

It is June 29, 2005 and I filled out the form and sent it in today.

Because the form does not comply with The Privacy Act of 1974 and provide a disclosure" statement on the form telling if my SSN is required I did not fill in my social security number which should not be construed to say that I even have a social security number.

The Privacy Act of 1974 requires all government agencies -- federal, state and local -- that request SSNs to provide a "disclosure" statement on the form. The statement explains if you are required to provide your Social Security number or if it is optional, how the SSN will be used, and under what statutory or other authority the number is requested (5 USC 552a, note). The U.S. Office of Management and Budget, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) provides guidance and oversight regarding the Privacy Act of 1974. The text of the Privacy Act can be found at the website

The Privacy Act states that you cannot be denied a government benefit or service if you refuse to disclose your SSN unless the disclosure is required by federal law, or the disclosure is to an agency which has been using SSNs previous to January 1975, the date when the Privacy Act went into effect. There are other exceptions as well. Read the U.S. Department of Justice's explanation at this website,

This word file was printed and mailed to the Arizona Department of Revenue along with the form. it says
Arizona Department of Revenue
Unclaimed Property Unit
PO Box 29026
Phoenix, Az

June 29, 2005

Dear Sirs:

I saw my name in the newspaper supplement to the Arizona Republic and it said that I have some unclaimed property. Because of that I filed in the form and mailed it to you to recover the unclaimed property.

Currently I am homeless so I just used my last mailing address which was PO BOX 1988, Tempe, Arizona 84280. I donít have a mailing address now. I guess my address is the general delivery address at the Phoenix post office. But I probably cant get my mail there because I donít have a drivers license or other photo id. The Phoenix police stole that when they broke into my home in 1997.

Because the form does not conform to the federal law ďThe Privacy Act of 1974Ē and provide a disclosure telling if my SSN was required, what law required the SSN and what uses will be done with the SSN I left my SSN off of the form.

Last I have never abandoned or left any of my property or my bank accounts or any other property. If you have any unclaimed or abandoned property for me either the bank gave it to you against my will or a city, county, state, federal or other government seized the property from me against my will with out a court hearing and gave it to you.


Mike Diross
General Delivery
Phoenix, Arizona