Me a bank robber? No way!

  Many years ago I was falsely arrested by incompetent crooked Scottsdale Police terrorists while I was at work.

The cops didn't have a shred of evidence that I committed the crime and arrested me mainly because I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I suspect I was arrested because the cops wanted to force me to confess to the crime and use the duress of putting me in jail and making all kinds of threats as a means to get the false confession.

What do you mean the cops didn't have a shred of evidence?

Well after spending the night in jail the cops didn't even bother sending me to see a judge to hear the charges against me. That is because the cops didn't have a shread of evidence that I was involved and kicked me out of their jail.

I was fired from my job as a result of the jackbooted police thugs who have the terrorist attitude of kick ass and take prisoners first and think last, only when everything else fails. I mean why use your brain when you can have some sadistic police fun destroying the life of someone you think is a criminal and are angry because you don't have a shread of evidence to prove it.

Lucky for me I was hired back to my job when the cops told my employer I didn't do anything wrong. Well it sure would have been better if I didn't do anything wrong if the Scottsdale pigs didn't arrest me and try to extort a confession out of me.

As a result of my arrest rumors and lies started circulation where I worked.

The rumors varied but they were mostly to the effect that I had tried either to rob a bank or a bank armored car while I was at work and even dumber while I was wearing my badge.

Yesterday, which is almost 20 years after I was falsely arrested by the Scottsdale Police a woman I work with who used to work at the same place I work brought up the subject of the "dumb bank robber" who robbed a bank while wearing his badge.

I suspect she thought I was the bank robber, but didn't want to accuse me.

I told here that I probably was the alleged "bank robber" and that I was falsly arrested by the Scottsdale Police and that the lies and rumors of the "bank robbery" were a result of that false arrest.

One think I wanted to do was be angry with the woman who accused me of being a bank robber.

But it is not her problem. She is just repeating lies and rumors she had heard and did nothing wrong.

The real problem was the terrorist Scottsdale police who falsely arrested me.

More on my false arrest by the incompetent police terrorists in the Scottsdale Police department.