1st National Bank closes my account after Tempe Police falsely tell them I am a criminal.

  After I bought my house in Tempe I had not lived there for very long when I found out that for some reason the Tempe Police called my bank and told them that I was a criminal and involved in some kind of fraud. The bank then closed my account because of the lies the Tempe Police told them.

I was pretty angry because I got opened that account when I was in grade school and used it to deposit money I made from my paper route in both grade school and high school.

As an adult I opened a checking account there. It was the first checking account I had.

Also I had a number of credit cards with the bank.

I was also very angry because I was never told what the Tempe Police were accusing me of. But despite that the bank closed my account with out any evidence that I had done something wrong.

And it was not a small account. As a computer programmer I have made a lot of money. I think the account had around $15,000 in it when the bank closed it.

I did talk to the bank about it on the phone. They did not use any logic or reason in the case. There view was that since the Tempe Police said I was a criminal they were going to close my account, period, case closed.

Heil Hitler, the police state is here!

The bank originally started out as the First National Bank of Arizona. It became First Interstate Bank in its first name change. And since then it has become Wells Fargo Bank.