You canít report a crime to the Phoenix Police report till you prove youíre not a criminal

  Most people are pretty nice. But every once in a while you run into some total jerks.

Some people moved into the home next to the first Phoenix home which I bought and they were total jerks.

My method of dealing with jerks, idiots and assholes is to avoid them. To help me avoid them I removed an old rickety wooden fence that separated our homes and build a better, stronger fence to separate us.

Well as I was building the fence, when I went into my home some of the tools I had left out side mysteriously disappeared. I figured young adults who were my neighborís children stole them. Normally I would not waste my time complaining to the police when something like this happens. That is because the odds of your stolen stuff being recovered are almost zero I donít want to waste my time on it.

But since my neighbors were assholes and caused me a lot of grief I decided to call the police and report it. Not because I though the tools would ever recovered, but because I hoped to send a message to my neighbors saying I would not tolerate them stealing my stuff.

Well I found out the police were bigger assholes then the neighbors.

I called the Phoenix Police to report the thief and the sent a Phoenix Police Officer to my home to take the crime report.

When the Phoenix cop started talking to me he was not interested in taking a report on the crime. He wanted information on me so he could run me thru his computer and see if I had any warrants out for my arrest. The Phoenix Police officer demanded that I tell him my date of birth.

I told him that he didnít need my date of birth to take a report of a thief from me. And I told him that I was rather annoyed that the Phoenix Police considered me a criminal instead of a victim of a crime because they wanted my date of birth to run thru the computer so they could see if I had any warrants our for my arrest.

Well instead of taking the theft report the Phoenix Police officer refused and left because I would not give him my birth date. So I guess we do live in a police state if you canít call the cops and complain about something that gets stolen with out first proving youíre not a criminal.

I complained about that to the Phoenix Police and several days later they had a Phoenix Police officer call me on the phone and take the report of the theft. Some police force we have. It takes several days to file a police report if you refuse to give your date of birth.

The good news was that the stolen tools magically reappeared the next day. Maybe the fact that the neighbors say the Phoenix cop at my home made them return the tools.

The other good news is the jerks that lived next to me were deadbeats and did not pay their rent. The owner kicked them out of the home. And the next people were really OK people.