I actually worked at the Laguna Beach Taco Bell

  I actually worked at the Taco Bell in Laguna Beach California. That Taco Bell is probably the most infamous dope dealing site in all of the Los Angeles Area. It is know world wide as place to buy illegal drugs in Orange County. I think this is the address.
699 S Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach
It is just south of Broadway on the Pacific Coast Highway. The Laguna Canyon Freeway which used to be California 133 turns into Broadway. Taco Bell was on the northwest side of PCH. And you could walk 50 yards to get to the beach.

I actually worked at the Taco Bell for one day as an employee of Taco Bell (not a drug dealer outside the restaurant).

The work wasn’t that bad. I think they had me being a prep cook. But everything else went wrong that day.

They towed my car, even though I was an employee of the Taco Bell.

After the first day of work when I went home I blew a rear main seal on my VW van and I was never able to return to work.

But still it was interesting being an employee of the infamous Laguna Beach Taco Bell for a day.

Later on, I would work, and live on a yacht in Newport Beach. Newport Beach is the next city north of Laguna Beach. That sounded like a pretty interesting job but it was boring as hell, and the owner cheated me out of my wages. And I quit after working for a week. I think the owners name was Robert Smiley or Bob Smiley.