Mesa Police illegally stop Japanese Volkswagen with out probable cause


After I learned how to write numbers in Chinese I decided make a silk screen and paint the address of Phoenix home which is 902 on the front door. The letters are not nine, zero, two as we would say it in English but nine, hundred, two which is 9 or 九 ku, 100 or 百 hyaku and 2 or 二 ni.

Normally I don't like having an address on my home, but since not many people know Chinese I didn't mind putting up the address on my home.

When I moved to Tempe my brother Bob gave me his Volkswagen bug, or well he left it at my home for several years before it was stolen by the police. So I used the silk screen to paint the Chinese letters for 902 all over the VW.

People liked the paint job and when I drove it a few times I heard people refer to it as a Japanese Volkswagen or Japanese VW.

I only drive it when my other truck is broken so it is my second car.

Well I drove it to Mesa and the Mesa police stopped me because the car looked suspicious. The cops were real honest and admitted they didn't have any of the required "reasonable suspicion" or "probable cause" which is legally needed for the police to stop a car. But they lied as most police officers do and said they didn't need "reasonable suspicion" or "probable cause" to stop people. They said they could stop people for any reason they wanted to stop them for. What BS.

That is the last time I ever filed a complaint with the police. Despite the fact that I knew in advance that cops are never punished for their crimes I decided I wanted to jerk the bastards around for stopping me illegally.

I was surprised because they refused to let me come into the Mesa Police station because I refused to show them my driver's license. Even though I have a driver's license my logic is why should I show it to the police so I can enter their office and file a complaint. So I refused.

I think they changed their minds and let me inside despite the fact that I refused to show them my driver's license.

Did the Mesa cops get punished? Hell no! As I said before the police NEVER get punished when they commit crimes.