Scottsdale Police refuse to let me report a traffic accident.

  This happened to me when I was going to Scottsdale Community College and I lived at my parentís house on Hayden Road in Scottsdale. Hayden Road is a very busy major street and one day an accident occurred in front of our home.

Being a good citizen I called the Scottsdale Police to report it. After I told the police dispatcher that I wanted to report an accident on Hayden Road she didnít ask me for the details of the accidents. Instead the woman demanded that I tell her my name.

I told her I didnít want to give her my name because I was afraid of the police, but that I would like to report an accident.

The woman insisted that I had to give my name if I wanted to report the accident.

This continue a while with the woman demanding that I tell her my name, and me telling her I wanted to report the accident with out giving my name.

Finally I hung up with out reporting the accident. I am afraid of the police and I didnít want to give them my name. Hell let someone else report the name. I felt pretty bad, but I am terrified of the police.

From this I realized the police have really screwed up priorities. Here they demanded that I give them my name so they could run me thru their computers to see if I am a wanted criminal, before they would let me report a traffic accident.

I think they got their priorities totally screwed up and should have let me report the traffic accident with out demanding my name.

Either way the police lost, and the people in the accident lost.