First and last time I ever let the police search my car!

  This happened just after I got out of high school and I was living in Fullerton California which is in Orange County and is part of the greater Los Angeles metro area.

For useless information Fullerton is just north of Anaheim where Disneyland is. Fullerton is also just east of Buena Park where Knottís Berry Farm is located. Fullerton is a yuppie town kind of like Scottsdale where I grew up.

I was stopped by the Fullerton Police near Orangethrope and Euclid. They didnít stop me for any traffic violations, they just wanted to check me out and make sure I was not a criminal.

They asked me if the could search my car. Not having anything to hide I told them yes. Well that and not knowing that they would totally trash my car as they searched it.

The Fullerton Police Officers who searched my van took everything out of the van and threw on the parking lot. The Fullerton Police officers opened every box, bag, and container and dumped the contents into the parking lot. They even opened a one gallon can of paint that was in the van. Luckily they did not dump the paint onto the parking lot like they dumped everything else.

When they were done they left all my stuff in the parking lot. The bastards didnít put anything back into the containers they removed it from. The bastards didnít put any of the stuff back into the car. The bastards totally trashed my car and left all of my stuff in a parking lot. They didnít even put the lid back on the can of paint they opened.

I will never let the police search my car again because I donít want the bastards to trash it like the Fullerton Police trashed my van.

But I guess that is the wrong reason to refuse to let the police search your car. The correct reason to refuse to let the police to search your car is because we would like America not to be a Police State where the police routinely search your car to make you prove that you're not a criminal. Isnít that what the Bill of Rights is all about? Many of the founding fathers died to give us the Fourth Amendment which requires the police to get a search warrant before searching our homes or belongings. We should not give up that right just to make some cop happy by proving to him that we are not criminals.