Chicago, Illinois


Since I am from the west I have always had the view that big cities in the east are just giant cesspools that should be nuked. I was going to go to Chicago and see one of these giant cesspools, say I had seen the sewer of the world and planned never to return.

Well that didnít really happen. I went to Chicago and though it was the coolest place I had ever seen. Chicago is so cool I would even like to live there if it didnít snow. And I now though if Chicago is this cool, then New York City must be an even cooler place.

When I went to Chicago I mostly hung out in the downtown area. Where all the tourists go. I also went to Little India which is on Devon Street. I took the Red Line subway to get to Devon Street and then took a local bus on Devon till I found Little India by the smell of curry in air and woman wearing saris.

It is a great place to get a masala dosa or any other type of Indian food like they serve it to Indian hot and spicy enough to make your nose run. Not the watered down bland and tasteless stuff they usually sell to white people.

I also picked up about 10 pairs of water buffalo sandals, enough to last me two years.

When I went to Chicago the roads were flooded so we took I-80 from the Quad Cities instead of the normal round about way Greyhound drives there.

Going back one of the people on the bus yelled at the driver that she was going the wrong way. I thought the person was joking. And it seemed that the driver was going the wrong was, but as a passenger I couldnít prove it.

When we got back to the Quad Cities I noticed the driver was indeed going the wrong way. The driver went up to Davenport Iowa, instead of going thru East Moline, and Moline.

I went up and told the driver we were going the wrong way. The driver turned around, followed my instructions, and we went back to Illinois, thru East Moline and to the Greyhound Bus Station in Moline. The driver thanked me for showing him the right way.

After this I talked to one of my friends I used to work with at Greyhound Lines. He told me that drivers donít carry maps that show the route they are to take. Instead of using a map they have a list of written instructions that say something like ďDrive along I-80 for 10 miles to the Old Oak Highway. then turn right Ö.Ē and for this reason new drivers often do get lost.