I filed a request for an extension on my 2007 taxes

  I filed my 2007 Federal Income Tax Return today, Tuesday, April 15, 2008. Well really I didn't file the tax return. I filed
Form 4868
which gives you 6 more months to file your actual tax return.

Because I didn't make enough money to pay any taxes I sent the Form 4868 to this address because that is the address you send it to when they owe you money

Department of Treasury
(IRS) Internal Revenue Service
Fresno, CA
I should file a tax return later on so I can get my money back. And so I can get that rebate they are giving people.

The reason I didn't file a tax return is because I am homeless and don't have an address to use.

If I had an address to file with I would have filed the tax return, got my money back, and asked for the rebate.

On the form I entered my SS#, and my name.

I listed my address as

And I put my city and state as Tempe, Arizona

I would have xeroxed or scanned a copy of the form, but since I am homeless I really don't have the resource to do that.